The Vineyard Pattaya

The Vineyard Pattaya represents the best ‘value for money’ development on the Eastern Seaboard. Each of the 6 homes sits on 800 sq. metres (approx ½ Rai) and offers the owner beautiful landscaped gardens of 500 sq. metres, a 46 sq. metre ‘ L’ shaped swimming pool surrounding the lounge and a Garden Sala. In addition, each villa will have its own therapeutic spa to provide the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief.

Internal living area is approx 200 sq. meters with a beautiful tropical roof garden with BBQ, affording stunning views of both the outstanding landscaped garden and surrounding tropical jungle.

Another benefit is that all villas will be supplied not only with government water but also fresh well water. To ensure privacy there is a 2 metre high perimeter wall encircling each home. Every property benefits from wonderfully spacious and well lit rooms fitted with air conditioners. However, with a design that facilitates thorough circulation of natural air throughout the entire property, the demand for air conditioners is lessened, which greatly reduces the electrical costs.

The Vineyard Pattaya

All floors are marble tiled and all walls are double block work, rendered and finished with a painted surface. Living in the tropics obviously means hot days and nights, which is why each of ‘The Vineyards’ 6 homes benefit from having double skin walls and roof which are insulated thereby keeping your home cool day and night. Using only the finest quality materials and local craftsmen under European supervision, it guarantees your new home is built to the best possible standards.

All villas will have state of the art security which will include alarmed windows and doors plus external sensor lights. Extra security packages are available at minimal cost.

The Vineyard is situated in the tranquil and unspoilt area of Lake Mapbrachan – the perfect location for a relaxing and stress free life. The lake itself is quiet and a scene of natural beauty, ideal for long, healthy and invigorating walks. An added bonus is that the frontage of the lake is being transformed into a park for both adults and children to enjoy.
For the purchaser, the Vineyard islocated perfectly whether you are a retiring/retired couple looking to settle down to life in the tropics, a family looking to relocate for professional reasons to Thailand, a young couple looking for a great environment to raise your family (easy access to one of the best schools in Thailand), single and looking for affordable quality/luxury or a golfing enthusiast.

Situated within easy reach of The Vineyard are Sukhumvit Road,Route 36 and Bangkok Motorways, therefore offering the owners convenient commuting distance to any of the mainindustrial and commercial centres of Rayong, Pattaya, Bangkok, Laem Chabang and the Eastern Seaboard. The recently opened Suvarnabhumi international airport is less than 1 hour away and you’re also only 40 minutes from Utapao Domestic airport for all your internal flights.

The Vineyard Pattaya
This project holds huge potential for investors in this rapidly developing area, which is set to boom. One has to consider that Thailand is Asia’s number one holiday destination and incredibly popular with expats and retirees. This also promotes extremely high rental value.

The beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien are only a short drive as are an abundance of INTERNATIONAL STANDARD GOLF COURSES. For those with children, the Regents International School is only a 5 minute drive. An added bonus is that in only 15 minutes one can access the famous, bustling nightlife of Pattaya along with world class shopping and restaurants.

The Meadows is situated located within walking distance of bus routes and local amenities in East Pattaya just 15 minutes from central Pattaya and Jomtien beach.

The Vineyard Pattaya

Every villa will have its own therapeutic spa to provide the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief.The origin of the word “Spa” comes from the Latin “Sanitas per Aquam”, i.e. “Health via Water” the beneficial effects of which are known since antiquity. Well-being and relaxation wait for you in every Vineyard villa.

The Vineyard welcomes you to the world of ultimate relaxation. Nothing compares with the soothing feeling of sliding into the warm, swirling waters of a home spa. After a hard days work, the therapeutic effects of a hot tub cannot be beaten.

Quality of life??? It’s the sum of your health and your happiness. It’s the freedom to take your life in any direction you choose – and know that at the end of the day, the best place on earth is right here, in the home you’ve created.
That’s what owning at The Vineyard is all about. Transporting you that last bit of the way home. Whether it’s the mind-soothing end to your workday, the muscle-soothing phase of your workout, or the soul-soothing relaxation once the kids are tucked in bed. Discover for yourself the many therapeutic benefits of your spa. And see how with a Spa, you’re raising your standards of luxury.

Every spa at The Vineyard will incorporate Chromotherapy, also known as Colour therapy. Chromotherapy is often facilitated in the healing rooms of alternative health practitioners. A therapist trained in colour therapy uses colour to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Therapeutic colour can be administered in a number of ways, but is often combined with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy in an attempt to heighten the therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy, commonly associated with complementary and alternative medicine is the use of volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds from plants to affect someone’s mood or health.
Essential oils work in different ways. At the scent level they activate the limbic system and emotional centers of the brain. When applied to the skin they activate thermal receptors, and kill microbes and fungi.

At the end of the day!!!
Imagine at the end of a hard day, the joy of sliding into a hot spa and being caressed by the bubbles and jets as they wash and massage away the cares of the day. Combined with your choice of soothing, healing colour and aroma.