Using Short-Term Rentals In Berlin

You may already know Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is one of the most eco-friendly cities in Europe. There are quite a number of hotels to choose from if you plan to visit Berlin. The fact with renting a hotel in Berlin is that it is expensive for a longer stay. A cheaper alternative to that is short-term rental service, where you get an apartment or room. Here, Welcome present insider information on things you need to know before you use short-term rentals in Berlin.

Short-term rental services lease properties such as buildings, rooms, apartments, cabs or space for a short period (between a few days and a couple of months). Short-term rentals are ideal for people going on vacations and tourists who are visiting another country for the first time, have no family or friends to stay with.

Berlin short term rentals

Why use a short-term rental service?

Flexibility: Short-term rental services offer more choices for your space and housing needs than a hotel. Instead of being boxed into one room, you can choose to rent a studio apartment or flat for your brief period of stay in Berlin.

Cost Effectiveness: Short-term rentals tend to save you money in many fantastic ways. For instance, if you choose to rent a property for more than one month, you are more likely to get a discount. A couple of euros off your housing budget can help your finances. Also, if your short-term rental comes with a kitchen, you can cook whatever you wish to and save money on food at the same time. Everyone knows eating out can become very pricey over time.

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Availability: Short-term rentals are very common in Berlin. You can find a couple of short-term rental properties in any city. All you have to do is to search online and book a property before your arrival in Berlin.

Before you choose which short-term rental service to use, here are some things you should take into account.

1. Your preferences versus what is available

Consider first your space need. Are you visiting Berlin alone or in the company of friends, colleagues or family? Will a studio be more comfortable for you, or you will love something bigger? Many short-term rental service providers in Berlin have one or more options to cater to your space needs.

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2. Weigh price against benefits

What are you getting for the amount you pay? Check if there are free internet and television access? Are drycleaning, housekeeping and other utility services included in the deal? You can also consider what discounts you get should you seek a contract extension on the rented property.

Getting good deals with short-term rental in Berlin is quite easy when you know where to look. Based on our experience, using Welcomepickups short-term rental services will help you find good deals. Did I mention that Welcomepickups offer excellent Berlin airport taxi service? This means once you have booked with them online, they monitor your flight schedule and ensure a car is ready waiting to take you from Berlin airports to your rented apartment. If you also wish to sightsee Berlin’s numerous attractions, they have all it takes to make your experience memorable.

Berlin Unter den Linden Boulevard

3. Consider apartment rules and regulations

Berlin’s housing rules are quite tenant-friendly. Your short-term rentals may limit the number or type of pets allowed on the property. There may also be rules regarding living with others, especially when you are sharing flats with other people. Be sure to understand the rules and how you may need to adjust during your brief period of stay.