Investing Opportunities In Phuket Property Market

The wealthiest province in Thailand is Phuket, and it is a great place to investment. In fact, throughout the years the values of properties in Phuket have remained strong, and this is even in the aftermath of the tsunami. There are are also environmentally friendly planning laws and restrictions in regards to height, which means property values in Phuket will likely remain strong.

Unlike other areas of the country, there are key benefits of investing in property in Phuket. For example, the building industry is international in nature. Many overseas companies thrive in Phuket and they love how reliable the workforce is.

Phuket is an established island and it was back in the 80’s when its potential was realized. Wealthy businessmen from Bangkok saw there were many investment opportunities there. This included investments in the retail, commercial and resort sectors. Today, many focus on investing in residential homes, including retirement homes.

Palm Pine

Dcondo Creek project at Kathu, Phuket

This project is right near the beach and there are 195 condo unites at Dcondo Creek. It’s located in Kathu. Make sure you check it out.

Palm & Pine at Karon Hill project at Karon, Phuket

Located in Karon is the Palm & Pine project, which is also near the beach. It has 65 units and it was completed a few years ago. One of the most notable features is the on-site restaurant. Other features include a fitness center, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, car parking, security and a reception and lobby area for residents to enjoy.

Palm Pine

The Pine building is already completed and you can move into it now. However, this is only for the Lease hold sale. The Palm building has also been completed and ownership is ready to be transferred. If you want a full view of the sea, then consider investing in this property.

Completed in 2015, we have the Ark, which offers views of the sea and it is a contemporary style property. You can purchase into it at any point during the project but you should try to purchase as early as possible. The earlier you do, the better your returns will likely be, so research how much places are going for there and then put in an offer.