HomeFeedback system

My exclusive HomeFeedback system is integrated into all of my seller’s listings. You will always know “what’s happening”.

How It Works:

  • Receive password protected access to my website to view an overview of all feedback on your home, as conveyed to the showing agents by the potential buyers.
  • View a chronology of everthing I have done to date to successfully market your home.
  • Receive an e-mail instantly with comments and questionaire from the showing agent.
  • Receive an e-mail notifying you of an upcoming showing.

The benefit to you?

  • You’ll get immediate direct feedback from prospective buyers of your home allowing me to correct any misconceptions about your home or improve on problems with the way your home shows BEFORE they impact negatively on the sale of your home.
  • Our system logs all the agents of prospective buyers that have seen your property. I use this to instantly email every agent that has shown your home to let them know when we are about to receive an offer. This often leads to multiple offers or a bidding war on your home.
  • I can also use the system to instantly let other agents know about any changes in your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it?
  • Feedback is always available to you (24 hours a day). You’ll never feel like you are “out of the loop”.