Home Improvement and Energy Savings with Stucco

The main point of any home renovation is to improve or upgrade your house, although renovations can be disruptive and can be costly,  an added upside to renovations is the modern energy-saving technology that can be included in the renovation  these days. Any of which can save you money in the long-run.  For example, installing new windows can cut down on energy costs. Modern furnaces can reduce energy consumption.

 One great way for homeowners to save money is to install stucco, or the high-tech version, called Exterior Insulation and Finish System, or EIFS. Most homeowners refer to EIFS as stucco because of the similarity of the look finished products. Stucco is not the same thing as EIFS, and vice versa.

Stucco is applied wet and dries as a very durable, dense coating. Old, century old homes made with stucco and are witness to stucco’s durability. EIFS is composed of three separate layers and while very aesthetically similar to stucco, it has many more energy-efficient properties than traditional stucco.

So what are the reason why should you choose stucco or EIFS for  your next home improvement project?  Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits, EIFS is also a great insulation. In contrast, traditional stucco is not as effective for insulation, as it is applied right onto concrete or brick, whereas EIFS can be installed onto those as well as masonry, plywood and gypsum-based sheathings. This versatility in combination with the multiple layers is what makes EIFS so energy-efficient.  Although most contractors don’t do traditional stucco any more, there are still good quality stucco contractors out there. If you think that your home has adequate insulation, and just want to update the outside of your home, stucco is the less expensive option.  Of course, alternatively, long-term savings costs associated with the added energy efficiency of EIFS might be beneficial to some homeowners.

Applying stucco is an art that takes years to master, and installing it properly so it will last, requires extensive knowledge and experience. Choosing the right contractor for the job is a minefield of fly-by-night operations and shoddy sub-contractors, and combined with the many nightmare stories you may see on home themed TV shows , it is understandable that most homeowners view home renovations with more than a little trepidation.

This is the reason why organizations such as Stucco Contractors exist. They have a team of personally chosen contractors that they have worked with extensively , for a minimum of 5 years. These contractors who specialize in stucco and EIFS, so homeowners can be assured that the project will not just get handed off to an inexperienced sub-contractor.

This is a Canada-wide service, so no matter where you live in the Great White North, you can be sure that you’ll be matched up with the right contractors for the project.  Homeowners who are seeking expert stucco or EIFS installment should look for a local stucco contractor who homeowners trust.

With any major renovation project that you might think of undertaking, research all the aspects of the project before beginning. There are so many options to improve the value of your home these days; make sure the choices are right for you and your home.