5 Things You Should Know Before Renting A House In Johor

Do you consider that renting out a house is a lot less demanding than buying? Does finding a house for rent in Johor, a common hassle for an expat? In any case, there exist a few essential aspects that beginners should be prepared for prior to hunting houses for rent in Johor.

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Tenancy Contract details:


It is basically an agreement that explains terms and conditions for renting a house. The proprietor and the customer sign the agreement after various negotiable deals. It is not a must by law to maintain a written agreement. For a tenure to come into effect, even an oral agreement can be considered. Yet to be safe and secure, it is better to have a written form of the rental agreement.

In addition to the stamp duty charges and legal charges, there exist numerous conditions in the tenancy contract that you should focus on. Slacking in any of the vital conditions can end up in extra expenses and disputes from your end.

  1. Rental charges:


As the Malaysian government nullified the Act for Controlling Rent, property holders and potential residents can do negotiations on the rental charges. Generally, landowners inform the price range they are looking for, and it is dependent upon the occupants to agree to them. To guarantee, if you are paying a reasonable amount as rent, look around and compare the prices of similar houses in that area and negotiate with the owners. In case you concede to a specific sum, the tenancy contract will fix a date on which the payments are to be done.

  1. Safety deposit:

It is a type of insurance for the landlord in the event of the occupant causes any harm to the property. Safety deposit does incorporate furnishings given during the tenure time. The other aspect of obtaining a safety deposit is to add protection for the property owner in case the occupant does not make the rental payments on time or fails to do so.

The terms and conditions mentioned in the safety deposit specify the number of months in advance the landlord should be notified in case of terminating the contract. Also, the conditions if the landlord initiates the termination of the contract. Usually, in Malaysia, a safety deposit comprises of the total rent aggregate of two months and rent charges of half a month for utility purposes. To safeguard yourself, go through the tenure contract well and understand the details mentioned in it prior to making payments.

  1. Tenant and landowner details:

Make sure that the tenure contract contains accurate information of your full name, national identification number, contact details and addresses of the parties involved. This can be used as a reference if any consequences emerge with regard to the tenure.

  1. Start and expiry date:

The day you are provided with the keys to the house is considered the date of commencement of the tenure. The date on which you plan to move out will be the expiry date. In the contract, it mentions a notice period that occupants have to serve prior to moving out or if they plan to renew the contract.

  1. Method of payment:

The method of payment should also be mentioned in the contract. Majority of the landowners approve online bank exchanges as it is traceable and free of hassles. But make sure you keep the receipts of your payments as proof.