4 Things Luxembourg Landlords Want You to Know About Living in a Rented Apartment

The most challenging part about renting an apartment in Luxembourg is finding one. Truth is the demand for apartments is greater than the current offering and there isn’t much to do about it. As a direct result, rental prices are pretty high, at least compared to the ones in the region. At the same time, one must know that folks there earn some of the highest wages in Europe, so all levels up.

However, once you rent an apartment in Luxembourg, there are some things that landlords expect from their tenants. Generally speaking, Luxembourg is considered a pro-tenant country. But don’t be fooled by that as the landlords have many laws on their side, plus they are the ones that will make your contract and make all sorts of additions. Of course, the law regulates much of what they can include or exclude in a rental contract.

Nevertheless, most apartment rental contracts in Luxembourg are pretty standard and rarely when landlords make radical changes to the usual drafts. Sometimes, they can add a clause about pets or termination of the agreement, but that’s all. At the same time, they expect certain things of their tenants. Here are the top 4 things Luxembourg landlords expect from their tenants.

luxembourg apartment rental

Every tenant should make a list of the inventory

This is standard practice in Luxembourg. That’s done before the tenant officially takes over the place and it can be also done in the presence of a third party. When the rental contract ends or the tenant decides to terminate the contract and leave, the inventory list is used to determine if there are any damages to the furniture or other items on the list.

Full transparency

It is part of the culture in Luxembourg to be open about almost everything, especially when it comes to rental property. They will let you know in advance about the condition of the property with all its flaws and best features. They also expect their tenants to have the same transparency when it comes to damages or things that might happen while they occupy their property.


Pay your rents on time

In some countries in the world, it is okay to be late a month or two with your rent. That’s not the case in Luxembourg. Here you are expected to pay your rent on time or earlier. There isn’t much room for manipulation unless your landlord has previously approved it.


If any dispute occurs it is expected to be solved out of court

Property rental is one of the most regulated areas in Luxembourg. Yet disputes occur. However, most rental disputes in Luxembourg are solved out of court with some sort of mutual agreement. Very often, the dispute is solved just by involving a mediator that will help the two parties come to a mutual understanding. Only a small percentage of the rental disputes end up in court.


Most landlords in Luxembourg are fair and honest people. Also, most of them are locals and it is part of their upbringing and culture to be transparent and well-mannered. They don’t like cheaters and they will never take advantage of any one of their tenants. In reality, the most troublesome part is the value they put on their apartments. But then again, that’s the market and not something they do on their own.